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Posted by TLG | 03 Aug 2016
The other day, two former clients reminded me why I became a plaintiff’s attorney. I had first met the two, a married couple, nearly two years ago. They were tenants who had endured severe harassment at the hands of a former landlord. I filed suit on their behalf and pursued claims against the landlord. Over time, my clients and I got to know each other. The couple—now grandparents—had encountered struggles as young adults and spent many years apart, but persevered and were now continuing ....
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Posted by TLG | 07 Jul 2016
When I am asked what type of work I do, my response is always the same: “I help Bay Area tenants forced out of rent-controlled apartments get back on their feet.” This describes an ideal client for us. I am often asked whether our focus is unlawful detainer (eviction) defense. The short answer is no. An unlawful detainer is a special type of lawsuit where the landlord is always the plaintiff, the tenant is always the defendant, and the only legal issue for the court to decide is who has the ....
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