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We represent tenants in disputes arising out of wrongful evictions, harassment by landlords, and substandard living conditions.

Toscano Law Group, PC is a plaintiffs’ litigation firm dedicated to protecting the rights of tenants throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Napa, and Sonoma counties. We do not represent landlords, so you can rest assured we are (and will always remain) on your side. Our attorneys have a specialized knowledge of Bay Area rent ordinances, including those in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Our experience includes corresponding with landlords on a tenant’s behalf regarding issues relating to the tenancy, defending tenants in unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuits, and filing lawsuits against landlords for failure to keep rental units in a livable condition (for example, failing to provide heat, electricity, or functional plumbing; failing to properly remediate a rodent or pest infestation; etc.), tenant harassment, or illegal evictions from rent-controlled units. Lawsuits brought by our attorneys have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in recoveries.

The tenant law cases we handle include the following:

  • Illegal evictions (i.e., without just cause or without having followed the proper legal requirements);
  • Constructive evictions (i.e., due to lack of repairs);
  • Tenant harassment by landlord or landlord’s representative (e.g., abusing the right of access into a rental unit; attempting to influence a tenant to move out through fraud, intimidation or coercion; attempting to coerce a tenant to move out with offer(s) of payment accompanied by threats or intimidation; violating any law which prohibits discrimination based on certain protected classes; refusing to accept or acknowledge receipt of a tenant’s lawful rent payment; refusing to cash a rent check for more than thirty days; interfering with a tenant’s right to privacy; etc.);
  • Failing to maintain or repair (i.e., breach of warranty of habitability);
  • Rodent and pest infestations;
  • Other violations of local Bay Area rent ordinances, including those in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley;
  • Lockouts;
  • Floods, fires, and other disasters;
  • Mold and ineffective waterproofing;
  • Retaliation; and
  • Owner and relative move-in evictions.

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