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100% Dependable.

Eric's responsiveness to questions was very impressive. Some questions were even answered with hours of late night work. This case was affected by complicated local ordinances on top of county/state law. It made some questions torturous. Eric put in a lot of effort searching for relevant case law. Some of it was unclear because of the complication but Eric pointed towards other resources to contact for help too. Highly recommended.


A Tremendous Experience at a Difficult Time

Recently I sought the legal services of Mr. Toscano in a eviction case here in San Francisco. After just a few minutes of consultation on the phone I felt assured with his knowledge and approach to the matter. The representation he gave us was professional and attentive. Eric carefully reviewed all of our options with us and was tireless in researching the legal aspects of our case. The resolution we reached was fair and done in a timely manner providing comfort for myself and my family. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of someone in his field of expertise.

Kendrick T.

Eric was helpful, reasonable, and knowledgeable. He gave me valuable advice. If you're having trouble with your landlord, definitely contact him. If I have trouble in the future, he's the first person I'll call.


Excellent Representation

I retained Eric to assist me in addressing a dispute with my homeowner’s association and worked with him for about a year. In that time found him to be an effective and skilled advocate. He provided me with the representation and counsel I needed to work through what was at times a very stressful situation. I highly recommend Eric and plan to refer others to him.


A Clear, Honest, Helpful Lawyer... and Friendly Too!

I had the good fortune to call upon Eric Toscano to help me resolve a dispute I was having with a tenant. As a small time landlord, (my husband and I own a duplex), I have only needed to seek legal advice one other time in the past 12 years. My experience then led me to believe that lawyers tended to be pessimistic alarmists, and I was loath to call on one again as I feared hearing about the direness of my predicament. I could not have been more wrong. My conversations with Mr. Toscano not only allayed my fears- he comprehensively explained to me the letter of the law, and clarified the questions and concerns I was having- but he also, quite simply, offered a variety of possible scenarios that might resolve the situation for all parties involved. The relief I felt after consulting with Eric Toscano was palpable. Able to view my situation more clearly, I proceeded to settle my dispute with my tenant without further legal action or loss of rent. I am grateful for his assistance and would highly recommend him in the future. Mr. Toscano was a clear, professional, and competent lawyer, but more than that, he was relaxed, honest, and truly helpful, as though he were giving advice to a friend. My only regret was not calling him sooner!

Ashley T.

I had quite a complicated issue with my landlord and was referred to Eric Toscano by a friend. He took the time to thoroughly research my case, provide me with clear information, fully inform me of the applicable laws and what my options were. He is incredibly knowledgable and dedicated to his clients in fighting for tenants' rights. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!

Edward K.

I was referred and introduced to Eric Toscano by a college friend. My sister-in-law also went to school with him and suggested that I reach out to him. I set up a phone consultation with his assistant, and Eric promptly called at the agreed-upon date and time. He was extremely knowledgeable about my situation and provided me with excellent advice. He was thorough about what my legal options were and possible steps I could take. He presented me with all the facts and did not sugarcoat anything or tell me "what I wanted to hear".   This was my first consultation with a lawyer ever, and I must admit, I came out of the conversation very impressed and armed with a great sense of the steps I would have to take. I would not hesitate to retain Toscano for future matters that would require the services of expert legal counsel.

Sue R.

Eric and his team . . . are beyond fantastic.  They are efficient, knowledgable, and very successful in litigating personal injury cases.  I trust their judgment and would recommend them to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.  It's hard to find ethical professionals who are compassionate, kind, and easy to work with.  Highly recommended!


Calm, Considerate, and Practical Review of My Legal Exposure

I went to Eric in response to a contract I signed regarding a personal matter. His knowledge and insight was instrumental in alleviating the anxiety I was having after signing the agreement. He outlined a practical plan for potential pitfalls I may encounter while the agreement is running and now I don't feel so powerless in a situation that I find stressful. I highly recommend Eric.


Hard-Working, Competent Attorney. Highly Recommended.

Mr. Toscano is a tireless advocate, providing his clients with big-firm experience in a small firm atmosphere. I have referred several clients to Mr. Toscano for assistance and highly recommend him. He is a superb attorney.

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