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“I retained Eric to help me with a neighbor who was running a hotel next door. Eric was easy and pleasant to work with. He was efficient and effective. My neighbor stopped his rentals after one letter. Most especially, I appreciated Eric's responsiveness. Over the years almost everyone I know who has had to engage an attorney has complained bitterly about his/her failure to return phone calls and general lack of responsiveness after the initial contact. Eric's secretary arranged our first phone call--later in the afternoon of the day I first called--and he called at just the time his secretary said he would. He was accessible thereafter and met all his commitments. For most of us needing lawyers, stress is a major problem and knowing one's attorney is in fact available helps enormously to reduce that stress. I definitely recommend Eric and will call on him again if my problems next door resume.”


Unfortunate Situations Resolved with Ease

“I unfortunately had bed bugs in my apartment as the building itself was infested. My landlord was very unresponsive and unhelpful to the point where I had to move out. Eric and his partners were very understanding and diligent about informing me of my options and ability to resolve the matter. They created a fair settlement which I am extraordinarily pleased with. I would have no trouble recommending him or his firm to anyone who is facing an unfortunate living situation.”


A Tremendous Experience at a Difficult Time

“Recently I sought the legal services of Mr. Toscano in a eviction case here in San Francisco. After just a few minutes of consultation on the phone I felt assured with his knowledge and approach to the matter. The representation he gave us was professional and attentive. Eric carefully reviewed all of our options with us and was tireless in researching the legal aspects of our case. The resolution we reached was fair and done in a timely manner providing comfort for myself and my family. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of someone in his field of expertise.”


A Win-Win Attorney

“My partner and I received an eviction notice from our landlords after 20 years of living in their home. Eric was a godsend to us. First he spoke with us for some time, giving us information and guidance, with no charge. Thanks to Eric, we realized that at that time there was nothing that we wanted, or needed, to do. Eventually we decided to try to go for a buyout with the landlords and Eric's attitude and intention was great - he was looking for both parties to win. When our landlords gave us a 60 day eviction Eric was still trying to help us extend the time. He was kind, patient, really smart and helpful. I've never hired a lawyer before and I am so glad that he is the one we hired. He is completely professional and warm. He also works quickly and efficiently.He's very honest. We overpaid him and never would have known it if he hadn't called our attention to it. If you need help, call Eric. This was one of the most stressful times in my life and knowing that Eric had my back made it feel a lot better.”

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